Swiss Chard

In Uncategorized on 06/07/2013 by jenn in the yarden

You (read: I) planted only one 6-pack of this goosefoot they call Swiss Chard. It performed amazingly for the past couple of months-lots of curb appeal. And now the 11th plague of aphids has descended, causing the large leaves to bow to the ground. A plea to the ladybug god to rescue them. The god can not meet the challenge. So you cut all leaves and dunk them in a large bin of water to drown the aphids and to buy you more time to figure out what to do with this abundance of green, yellow, red and white foliage.
Somewhere you remember reading about kale chips and you decide to try it with the chard. Wash, spin, pat dry, spray with olive oil, bake for a couple of minutes, salt, watch kids enjoy! Whew, that took care of about one-eleventh of the bin contents.
After giving some to the neighbor who appreciated it earlier in the season, you decide to wash, spin, and chop the rest, blanch, drain, and freeze in portions for future recipes: pesto, soups, stamppot*, sautés, omelets. Pat yourself on the back, you gardener you!

*Stamppot is a dutch word that accurately describes the dish: you mash(stamp) potatoes and greens(usually kale) in a pot(pot). Gotta love those cognates!


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