digging holes and covering up with dirt

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I almost titled this blog “Burying” but didn’t want to sound too macabre!

This is bulb planting season. This simple activity of digging a hole, dropping a giant seed in it, and covering it with soil, reaps such joy and satisfaction when the gardener is diligent and patient. In months, beautiful plants push through and stretch into the open air, revealing some of the most beautiful blossoms of the season. Burying something yields beauty!

This is not the way with humans.

On the way to my parents’ property in the Sequoias, we pass through Arvin. It’s a farming area with fields of crops stretching to the foothills. The road is typical: maintained, but not equipped with shoulders and proper storm drainage. In fact, the large ditches lining each side of the road have become landfills of sorts: Along with wayward trash, the ditches are filled with construction waste such as concrete and asphalt and then covered with dirt. Once we even saw a smashed car haphazardly buried in the ditch. It is unclear as to whether or not the car had crashed there and was simply abandoned or what!

We have a friend who owns land and lives full time in a very remote area of the Sierras. While he is social and sociable when we’re around, he is by all other definitions, a hermit. He uses his back hoe and wheel loader to carve out building pads and grade roads. He has also used his heavy equipment to dig a colossal hole in which he dumps his and other property owners’ trash.

When I learned of this dumping practice, I immediately went into eco-Nazi mode, but somehow my rant was derailed when the thought of this man’s life came to mind. He had lost his wife to a tragic disease a few several years back and still feels the sting of her absence.

I couldn’t help but think about how we humans dig a hole, take stuff with which we don’t want to deal, and we bury it. When we experience emotions too complex to sort out on our own, we often ignore it, distract ourselves from it, and try to forget it. We are not rewarded with a beautiful blossom in the next season, but something else. For each person, what comes up is different, but it is not pleasant to view.

We are created to be gardeners, but not to bury our emotions and experiences.
Plant some bulbs.


3 Responses to “digging holes and covering up with dirt”

  1. good advice Jenn; very nice post, thank you:)

  2. nice sis! luv you!

  3. What a wonderful reflection!

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