kale yeah!

In Uncategorized on 09/14/2012 by jenn in the yarden

I had learned in Kansas City last June that kale is not just a winter weather friend, but survives the midwestern 90+ heat! Now, as I squint and shield my eyes, looking around for autumn, this blue-green leaf stands with hands on hips, defying my long-held prejudice. So, I guess it’s time to chop some up and make Lew’s Kaleslaw! This week’s batch includes the following 3 kale varieties: Russian, Lacinato, and Winterbor.
Chop greens and green onions. Dressing: sesame oil, white wine vinegar, granulated or fresh chopped garlic, cumin, mustard powder, chopped cilantro or celery seed. Sprinkle toasted sunflower seeds and maybe chop an avocado into it. This year, I may experiment with including red shiso flower heads of which I presently have an abundance!


2 Responses to “kale yeah!”

  1. Jenn, I did not know that, but I am all for eating kale all year round. TJ had a salad with edema me and almonds and cranberries and some vinaigrette, delicious. that $ did not have a name. shame.

  2. Hiya Everybody! – OMG! the Kale salad receipe is fantastic! yummy! follow the directions given so good!

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