tasting tomatoes

In Uncategorized on 07/27/2012 by jenn in the yarden

While waiting to harvest the San Marzano, I’ve tasted and ranked the other 7 varieties of tomatoes I’m growing this year. Here are the rankings. I suspect next week I’ll have a complete list.
Stupice and Juliet are the best “Off-the-vine-while-I’m-watering” varieties. My favorite thing to do is pick a couple of herb leaves, say basil or shiso, and eat them with a Stupice or Juliet right then and there while hose-irrigating the yarden. My version of fast-food.
The Paul Robeson is not only other-worldly looking, but outstanding on buttered toast with freshly ground pepper and Cypress salt flakes. I’m actually quite proud that this year I was able to grow this heirloom variety. Past tries were less than fruitful.
The Green Zebra is not getting a great ranking because of my bias against its production. I know it’s not fair, but there you go. It does rank highly for its appearance. The green on green is so cool!
The Pineapple has made it to the bottom of the list, but only as a fresh tomato. I’m sure that it will shoot to the top as a sauce tomato, for which, I believe is what it was bred. Now to make that sauce…
The Yellow Pear gets barely a mention because I take it for granted. It’s an annual standby. A reliable producer of bright, candy-sized, candy-sweet fruits.
Just yesterday, Matilda and I picked the first Persimmon tomato. Probably the most impressive looking fruit yet! It is a weighty, classic-shaped tomato, exactly the color of a persimmon! I can’t wait to try it on toast!


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