July in the Yarden

In Uncategorized on 07/06/2012 by jenn in the yarden

For some reason, the basil I planted what feels like months ago, has barely made it past its cotyledon stage(first leaves). I had planned on making a bunch of basil pesto like I did last year, but am forced behind schedule. The sorrel harvest has more than made up for the lack of basil(see previous post). Still, I’ve bought a new packet and continue to direct seed basil in the ground.

I’ve noticed a habit that turnips have: they get leggy and don’t form their famous roots unless I mound soil around the stem. Consequently, my hopes for having scads of salad turnips are all but dashed. Still I press on and press more seeds in the earth.

Oh shiso, shiso, she’s so fine. Shiso fine she blow my mind, hey Shiso!

My new favorite herb (now that arugula estivates) in the yarden is red shiso. An herb commonly used in Asian cooking especially sushi, the plants here are volunteers-much to my pleasure! The leaves and flowers are a beautiful dark red-purple color, giving a salad some contrasts to the greens. If you’re trying to cut back on oils in your salads, I recommend finely chopping this shiso, or any fresh herb, and adding it to your salad, rendering it unnecessary to dress.


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