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I don’t think that I’ll get to a Tomatomania! event this year:( I’ll blame it on the price of gas. (Can’t we blame everything on gas prices?)
To my rescue came the Hughes Middle School plant sale to raise funds for their library. I wigged out a little: i bought 7, that’s SEVEN, tomato plants. That’s up three from last year! Gracious! What was I thinking?
I was thinking that I was supporting the efforts to keep a middle school library open. I was thinking, “how can I pass up my friend Kelli’s favorite heirloom tomato: Pineapple?” I was thinking, I can put some of these plants in at Elm Yarden.
Even after all of that, I still “need” a yellow pear tomato and a green tomato other than the Green Zebra that I bought today.
The other varieties I acquired at the sale:
Stupice-a variety originating in Czechoslovakia and extremely well-loved by all;
San Marzano-I WILL can tomatoes this summer;
Persimmon-I’m not familiar with this one at all;
Juliet-I’m looking forward to growing a determinate variety; and
Paul Robeson-the last time I grew this, I think I got only 1 1/2 fruits. I feel more confident this time…
So it’s a colorful array of choices: I’ve got a paste, a green, a black, a couple of yellows, and a bunching.
I’ll keep you posted on the yarden version of tomato mania!


3 Responses to “tomatomaxima!”


  2. If you still “need” a yellow pear, come on over 🙂 Sungold Cherry will also be on the menu soon.

  3. I am looking forward to taste them all of course. Good luck. Sounds like a nice unusual variety.

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