Thinking outside the garden box

In Uncategorized on 03/25/2012 by jenn in the yarden

Huddled inside as the skies benevolently irrigate the growing food in the Yarden, I monitor an increase in public awareness of connections between garden and ocean.
Just this week, a friend sent me this Surfrider Foundation link
Wait. What? What does surfing have to do with gardening? In a nutshell, surfers want clean ocean water to surf; gardeners apply substances in their gardens that can run off into the storm drains and into the ocean; if a gardener uses non toxic substances, or has a garden that has little or no runoff, the oceans are not adversely affected.
I am simply not able to explain this relationship as well as a couple dozen middle schoolers did in this youtube video. Let me see if i can embed the link..

Does that work?
So is this a plea to switch to organic fertilizers and non toxic pest control? Always.
Though the connection may not be immediately apparent, what you do in your garden has an impact on other ecosystems.


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  1. Everyone & everything is connected.

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