What to Plant in February

In Uncategorized on 02/11/2012 by jenn in the yarden

Assuming that February gets back on track and cools down, you can continue planting all the stuff you planted last month. It’s a good idea to repeat plant your favorite crops for a staggered continuing harvest.
I just read Yvonne Savio’s blog where she admitted to recently planting a couple of citrus trees, an activity usually reserved for the warmer months of summer! So if Yvonne’s doing it, and if you’re itching to do it, then go for it and plant those kumquats, tangerines, and Meyer lemons! I was even entertaining the thought of starting some tomatoes! Don’t worry, I will continue to use every last square foot for salad greens and carrots. Which reminds me of the Seed Bunny.
Comment on this blog and I’ll post the Seed Bunny story…


One Response to “What to Plant in February”

  1. I really like your posts. I am now looking for those fixings in the store, since I can not get the fresh
    stuff from you. I will try to go to the market in La Canada this Saturday.

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