yardenbox-10 february

In Uncategorized on 02/09/2012 by jenn in the yarden

So I tried the sautéed Italian dandelion greens. They had shared a bag with the green sorrel, so they went in too. I cracked an egg in the pan with the olive oil and greens, making an  “ora-areh” (Indonesian for lazy scrambled eggs). Smoked salt, pepper, on wheat toast completed my breakfast! Not that I have such a sophisticated palate, but the concoction turned out…well, edible. It’s more about getting the nutrients for me.
Try your own recipe and share!
Here’s what’s in the y-box this week: green Swiss chard, beet greens, flowers, lemons, 2 kinds of sorrel, 2 kinds of collards, more Italian dandelion greens.
Selamat makan!


One Response to “yardenbox-10 february”

  1. This weeks Yardenbox was da bomb! luved the 3 different leafy greens its all so beautiful & healthy for you! YUM!

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