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Today, my son helped me plant the last of four tomato plants: a heirloom called Michael Pollan-yes, like the author. First we had to remove the spent sweetpea bushes, leaving the roots in the ground to decompose and release the nitrogen to the new plants. We then filled our compost bins to more than full! I even had Eli stomp on the pile to get the massive amount of material to fit! With a bit of time and water, we’ll get that pile down to a manageable size. I don’t know what i’m going to do when it’s time to remove what’s become the sweetpea wall extravaganza! I am loathe to toss it to the landfill/incinerator…

I then showed Eli how to cut all but the topmost leaves off of the stem and lay the plant down, like it was naptime. Leaving the top leaves sticking out of the ground we covered the stem and rootball with a nice blend of home-harvested compost, worm castings, and magic soil from Wrigley Garden. Finally, we watered the whole square in very well and said a blessing over our work.

Check back in 70-80 days for pictures of the harvest!


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  1. I am expecting some of the fruits of your labor.

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