What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a-happenin

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Fresh from Lenten and Easter season carols from “Jesus Christ Superstar”…
So many bee stories to tell. Our winged friends are active and moving. From power towers to trees, from compost piles to boxes, or just rest stopping at neighborhood trees.
The coolest story is second hand: My friend, Amy, a Lakewood resident told me that early this spring, a swarm of bees took up residence in her compost pile. She called the bee people out (the nice guys with hives, not with the pesticides) and they agreed to give her a box to rehouse the bees. The agreement was that they would maintain it, give her some honey, and they would sell the rest. While the box sat in her yard, ANOTHER swarm of bees decided to take over the box! The bee people came back and took the compost bee colony, leaving the squatters. Who knew that a house in Lakewood would be prime real estate for bees?
Why am I so excited about creatures that usually strike fear and loathing into many folks? Because of three little letters: CCD. Colony Collapse Disorder. Summarize, CCD is when large chunks of bee colonies mysteriously die off. Lots of theories out there.

Knowing that every third bite of food we eat is made possible by the work of bees, makes me sad for CCD, but excited to see new swarms and colonies of these apian friends.

If I may be so bold as to admonish you to support your local bees, please consider planting bee friendly plants, buy locally harvested honey, and certainly refrain from calling the exterminators when you see a swarm or hive. When Amy found the compost swarm, she called Silvia and Jose Ibarra (562)396-8504. They sell honey for Aunt Willie’s Apiary (PO Box 1626 Bellflower CA 90706 ; 562)277-5929) at several of the local farmers’ markets – Downey and Bellflower for sure, probably others.

You could also participate in the Annual Bee Count on July 16th, organized by The Great Sunflower Project. Contact Gretchen, the Queen Bee: 

Guess what Amy’s last name is:,,,



One Response to “What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a-happenin”

  1. wished we had this knowledge when we had bees. we called the bad people.
    years ago.

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