community building

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I recently had the pleasure and honor of teaching the square foot gardening method to two groups in the Ranchos. The folks in this Long Beach neighborhood share an interest not only in home gardening, but also in sharing their produce. Once every month, they get together, help pick ripe fruit from their trees, and then offer the harvest to any takers. They have built community in their neighborhood through similar events and activities and have discovered the advantages of co-oping their efforts. As you may imagine, these efforts not only make new friends, but on many levels, increase the value of the neighborhood.

Hey, I’m inspired! I plan to start sharing the bounty of my garden more regularly! Stay tuned to this blog for future sharing events!

In the meantime, consider signing up for my next Square Foot Gardening class through Long Beach Parks and Recreation:


Monday, April 11th, 6-8:30pm

Heartwell Park Community Center


3 Responses to “community building”

  1. nice blog Jenn…thanks for sharing

  2. Theres a salon in WeHo that wants you to design a succulent wall for them or give consultation? Maybe they should also do a squarefoot garden cart? hmmm.

  3. it is so much fun to read your writings. I also finally did what I promised, shared your blog with some friends. Sure they will enjoy it also.

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