What I learned at Lowe’s this week!

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I’ve been out of the home improvement center-loop with respect to lumber lately, as I have been acquiring much of my wood from unlikely places such as window framing, bedsprings(see earlier post), and defunct bookstores. So, my recent trip to Lowes in Torrance was a good use of time! For example, I now know that marine plywood that one may consider for use as a bottom for a square foot garden box, contains a lot of chemicals, eg. arsenic. (But we know that arsenic is not over-accumulated by the plants and therefore does not pose a threat to our health when ingesting the food grown in laden soils…) I was with the folks from a class that I’m teaching through South Coast Botanic Garden. Our mission that day was to investigate all of the materials needed to build boxes to grow produce the square foot way. One gem that we discovered was, that while it may be a few coppers more expensive, the quality of lath material at Lowes is superior to that of another home improvement center whose name rhymes with Gnome Creepo.

Another surprise was the number and variety of 3-inch vegetables available…and they were broadly appropriate for this season! However, I was a little dismayed at the pricetag-$3.49 for one plant. Pricey for me, but likely because it comes in a nifty degradable container, that one simply plops in a hole in the ground…after removing the non-degradable plastic rim…and after poking holes to encourage the roots to explore outside its yummy container…(is it clear yet, that I find these containers to be largely a gimmick?)

For all of those folks looking for prepackaged Mel’s Mix, and you don’t want to drive to Fullerton or Orange, the Mix is available at Lowe’s! It’s a couple of clams more per 2 cubic bag than from Donna Woodbridge (714)595-9510, but it’s immediately available.

Announcing more classes!:

1:30-3:00pm, Wednesday, March 2, 2011-COMPOST DEMO at the Yarden

6:00-8:30pm, Wednesday, March 9th- Square Foot Gardening- Long Beach Parks and Recreation

4 Wednesdays 1:30-3:00pm, March 16, 23, 30, April 6-South Coast Botanic Garden


2 Responses to “What I learned at Lowe’s this week!”

  1. Thanks for the very useful information. This will help those who are on the path of Garden Glory but looking for a reasonable way of making it happen.

  2. Dear Jenn,
    I miss our SFG Class at the botanic garden but love reading your blog. Since this most recent one covers building materials, can you answer a question I brought up in our class last year. Is the new, environmentally safe, treated wood (it’s red, not green treated with copper), safe to use for our raised beds? I’m hoping maybe Lowe’s covered that on your visit there.
    Thank you,

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