millenium omnivore

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My brother-in-law works for Hasbro. You know, the TOY company…much to the advantage of my two young children. Their uncle revels in gifting them with big ticket items. The operative word: BIG. The latest acquisition was the Millenium Falcon. No, not a model of it. The one that they actually used in the filming! It’s huge! At least, it seems so in our teeny livingroom. Maybe I am misusing hyperbole, but to quote Uncle Ben, himself: “I got Eli a toy that he won’t be able to lift until he’s 15!” There are so many bells and whistles and noises and lights on this thing, it’s overwhelming for any 6 year old!
I am able to relate to my son as I (finally) finished reading Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. (here’s the connection to the Yarden!) There are so many bells, whistles, and ideas to consider, I’m overwhelmed!
Short of offering a critique of the material, I am glad I read the book. Broadly, I believe his research to be sound and I enjoyed learning about the American food systems. I appreciate the ways in which Pollan investigated the subject of our means of getting food from farm or “farm” to table or “table”.
While I don’t intend to drastically change my or my family’s eating habits all at once, I plan to implement measures in making more sustainable food choices…
…most notably: stepping up my efforts to GMO: Grow My Own!
The Yarden and Plot 37 squares are all maxed out, and I am beginning to farm my friends’ backyard in Bixby Knolls.
I’ll elaborate at my next class:
Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Heartwell Park Community Center


One Response to “millenium omnivore”

  1. You need to coin the phrase “GMO” its the beginning of new trend! well done.
    Thanx for the insight.

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