drowt, drout, draoot

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Golly, I had almost forgotten how to spell that word that usually describes the status of our state’s rainfall! I’m not certain that we are officially out of drought conditions, but the unofficial word from our front yard is: soggy with a chance of saturation. Even after a few days of no rain, the Yarden is still soaked. I’m not complaining however,,,
These conditions present somewhat of a problem: what to do with the full buckets and barrels of beautiful, oxygenated water?… before the mosquitos begin to feel the need to procreate. Dare i drop a capful of bleach in these lovely water and compost tea buckets? Or should I please my husband and pour it in the pond to offset the leak in the pond liner? I should probably pay attention to my “indoor” plants and water them with the precious liquid. I could offer it to folks willing to bring a jug and fill er up. Ideas are welcome.
In the meantime, spread the word: I’m teaching a class on:

Monday, January 3rd at Heartwell Park from 6-8:30pm-Gardening in Winter

We will discuss how to grow our own organic food, using the square foot method. This method saves on time, money, and space! I’ll share some anecdotes and you’ll get a chance to pilfer through my seed stash.

Take the class with a friend. Last month, two of my students had signed up as friends to learn gardening together. How fun is that?

Register at
or just show up!
My loving tech just informed me that we had 13 inches of rainfall this year. Seeing as how our average is supposed to be 14 inches, we are still droughty.


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  1. Jenn – Just wanted to thank you for the useful information you provided in your Garden in the Winter workshop. I appreciate the opportunity to learn. My husband and I will build our first box this Saturday, and will most likely travel to Fullerton to pick up some of Mel’s mix… Thank you again for your thoughtful, concise instruction. Kathy B.

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