Give the gift of historic Long Beach

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As the largest used bookstore in California, Bertrand Smith’s Acres of Books was a regular destination for many area residents. It is now a designated historic landmark and will soon enjoy its new incarnation as a place for artists. Before that can happen, the building at 240 Long Beach Blvd. is in the process of being emptied of its books and notably, the fruit crates which served as bookshelving for 70+ years.

The crates have a history of their own. Hailing from all over the Pacific Coast, these wooden boxes held apples, pears, and oranges before finding their way to Mr. Smith’s bookshop.

It is our desire to share with others our love of books, Long Beach, and history. We have a number of these salvaged crates available at Bella Cosa Boutique as gift packages of evergreen trees for the holidays.

Stop by Bella Cosa and consider owning or giving the gift of history!

Bella Cosa Boutique is located at 3803 Atlantic Ave. LB 90807


One Response to “Give the gift of historic Long Beach”

  1. The Crate Junipers are now also available at Magnolia and Willow Antique Collective in the Wrigley Area of Long Beach.

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