repurposing the unusual

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To celebrate our 10th anniversary, my husband and I got a new bed. Such a luxury, but what to do with the box spring? It doesn’t fit in the trashcan, the kids aren’t interested in a ‘trampoline’ on the driveway, and leaving it on the parkway is not an option! (Though many in our neighborhood don’t understand why not.)
The dilemma made me think of an idea my friend Tony Kienitz had shared with me a decade and a half ago when we worked together: he had envisioned a fence of stripped box springs as an interesting alternative to chain link.  With my limited space and my venture with creative chain link (a post for another time!), there is no space for anymore fencing. Still, I had couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dismantle a box spring!  The most remarkable thing I found is that it is largely put together with staples! Yes, all sorts of sizes and gauges of metal staples. Who knew?  The only thing that ended up in the trash is the old, tattered, fabric covering. All of the wood I ‘harvested’ and have since used to make legs for a couple of square foot garden boxes.

The spring part without the wood framing is flimsy and unwieldy…unless…it’s attached to, say, a wall! My loving groom bolted the thing to the south-facing wall of our house, under which I planted 3 or 4 varieties of sweet peas.  A thing of slumber upcycled into a garden feature!


5 Responses to “repurposing the unusual”

  1. What an awesoma idea! You need to post photos before & then as it progress’.

  2. Adaptive reuse at its best! I LOVE IT!

  3. You radiate brilliance! I’m so glad you have blog – I can’t wait to follow along and be inspired.

  4. I love, love, love this idea!


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