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You should know that I am not a lover of swimming and therefore neither of diving, mostly because I’m not such a good swimmer. So I hope you appreciate how I am diving into this blogging endeavor!…
I told someone from the Thoughtful Living and Eating lifegroup that I will someday blog about my pineapple guava tree(s). That day is today.
The pineapple guava: an H&H Nursery purchase about 5 years ago. I had tasted the fruit a million years ago at a client’s neighbor and knew that I must someday have such a tree in my own garden. Carefully placing and planting it to shade the children’s room, I waited for the produce. In the meantime, I was informed that it wouldn’t bear fruit without another tree to cross pollinate it. On top of that, this past spring, an arborist acquaintance said that my long wait for the tree to produce was probably due to the fact that it was an ORNAMENTAL, ie. Not a fruit-producer! Drat. I couldn’t imagine hardening my heart and cutting the thing down to make room for a productive tree-after all, the blossoms this summer were so beautiful and tasty! The form, color, and size were ideal. But what was I to do?
I didn’t cut it down. It still stands, limb and limb with the shade fig. Still. I wanted my yummy-licious fruit.
So September saw my birthday, and the family all pitched in to buy me a fruiting pineapple guava. As the newcomer waited in its 5-gallon can, underneath its big brother, for a few(read: several) weeks, I noticed something on the ground-golfball-sized, oblong, and grey-green(the exact color of pineapple guava leaves). The next day, there were more. I looked up into the tree and found dozens of pineapple guavas! Good grief. Upon biting into one, I was confronted with a really sour rind and a delicious, sweet pulp. Huzzah!
So, what’s the deal? Did the two trees trade genes in such a short time? With the absence of flowers? Was it the threat of chopping down the veteran? Or showing up the competition?


3 Responses to “pineapple guava”

  1. Well Sis – Congrads! & welcome to the blogasphere! I am impressed.
    Very cute although I have no idea what you actually were saying in the blog due to my ignorance of anything that needs to be watered daily, every other day, once a week. I received a cute cactus terrarium I killed 3 out of 4 of them already.
    I was not born with the green thumb as you were! So proud of you!
    Keep it up!

  2. Great job Jenn. The bloggosphere is amazing! Keep us updated for new posts!

  3. Congratulations Jen, that was very entertaining. Glad to now know the story of the Guava tree ( strawberry). Have a couple of great pictures of the flowers.
    So happy that the “green thumb” was actually passed on to you. Looking forward to see updates of your “posts”
    Keep up the good work.

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